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At Panemorfi, we have a unique relationship with dancers.

Founder and primary cinematographer Ursula Kelly trained and worked professionally as a dancer before transitioning into filmmaking. She has worked with a ballet company touring  Scotland and China, and performed in films and music videos shot in London, England. This gives us a broad understanding of the world of dance, dance aesthetic and dancers' needs.

We understand the nuance and intention of choreography, and we believe in using our cameras to enhance the movement and showcase it. We film dance with a deep respect and  understanding of the effort that goes into movement creation.



Sarah Torkoly

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Sarah Torkoly is the owner and founder of The Code YEG, Edmonton's drop in dance centre.

She also founded the Pinheruppers burlesque dance company and Pumps Canada with Sarah Torkoly.

Sarah has partnered with Panemorfi Studios to offer dancers the opportunity to feature in their own concept videos.

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