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Founded by Brian Jones, Best in Edmonton is a review site that features only the best of local businesses, service providers, and products.

What first started as a small team of reviewers and writers grew over time, through hard work and dedication, and now covers a wide variety of topics - from various industries, to restaurants, to HVAC repairs and everything in between.

We are excited to soon be featured on their list of best videographers!

"Safety Grant" is a short film, written and directed by Christina Estillore. It's a comical take on the necessary safety precautions one must take when enjoying a night out. It follows two parallels of a good night with good decision making, and a bad night with poor decision making. The final outcome is a sobering reminder that a night of fun can have fatal consequences.

We filmed across two days at three separate locations. Our most dramatic shots required filming late into the night and it was definitely chilly! But we loved the drama of the cold night air, the falling snow and the harsh, bright light of truck headlights as a stark contrast to the literal and figurative darkness of the scene.

I love being able to use only practical lighting to light a scene, it feels more true to life and natural.

The Pinheruppers are Canada's burlesque babes. Featuring dancers from Edmonton and Calgary, the group tours Alberta and beyond to bring lively and vibrant entertainment to a variety of audiences. I was lucky to be able to travel with them on their recent trip to Medicine Hat, where they performed at the beautiful venue The Beveridge. It's a stunning historical building built in 1911, which still maintains its original hardwood flooring. Their show was in the bar which has been named Nineteen Eleven in honour of this!

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