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We are excited and honoured that one of our wedding films has made this month's Musicbed Awards Official Selection!

"Musicbed Awards exists to recognize stellar work that features songs from our library. Each month, standout submissions are recognized as Official Selections and shared with millions.

We’re excited to present this month’s Official Selections—work that exemplifies the unforgettable moments that can happen when the right music and footage meet.

Musicbed Awards Official Selection

"MOD is a creative student dance company encompassing high-level dancers who are given the opportunity for high-level choreography, rehearsals, and performances, with no intervention from outside teachers/choreographers. The Club maintains advanced performance work and gives numerous developed dancers who attend the University a chance to explore their own creativity through the creation and choreography of their own individual pieces for a year-end show."

We were honoured to work with the team behind Nimihitotan, an Indigenous dance initiative promoting access to dance education among our indigenous communities, to create this promotional video.

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